Health Care

Shaping the Future of Healthcare with a People-Centric Ecosystem

An innovative company striving to shape the future of healthcare with its commitment to connected care and collective well-being developing a healthcare ecosystem that prioritizes people and their needs, starting with their revolutionary software.

Having secured an impressive $500 million in Series D funding, Commure recognized the importance of a strong brand identity to inspire and resonate with providers, patients, and all stakeholders. 

Landscape Studio understood the need to present a cohesive visual language that captured Commure's mission of empowering those who contribute to the realm of healthcare to deliver exceptional care. To achieve this,  they crafted a distinctive symbol that conveyed the essence of collaboration—a powerful story that spoke to Commure's ability to unite a diverse network of health innovators on a single, universal platform. Additionally, the wordmark was carefully constructed to exude trust and humility, showcasing the commitment to an open exchange of ideas and a user-centric approach.

The brand's vibrant and dynamic color palette provided a lively backdrop for the entire system. Hand-drawn illustrations took center stage, celebrating the dedicated individuals working together to promote collective well-being. This human touch emphasized the importance of people in the healthcare ecosystem and fostered a sense of connection.

The typography, warm and inviting, conveyed a sense of expertise and precision. It reflected the level of skill required to architect ambitious ideas in the ever-evolving landscape of modern healthcare. Data visualizations were employed strategically to highlight Commure's cutting-edge technology and capabilities. The cohesive visual language and captivating imagery sent a clear message to the industry: Commure was revolutionizing the way healthcare was delivered and experienced, with a focus on putting people at the heart of the process.

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