Optic Illusion

Providing Clean Water Access

Alphamark™ collaborated closely with Dropterra, an emerging company revolutionizing water purification technology in water-scarce regions. Dropterra is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for producing clean water in areas where shortages have reached critical levels, and traditional methods are no longer sustainable.

An award-winning water purification technology that sets new standards for water purity. This groundbreaking system can effectively treat water from diverse sources, ensuring the highest quality output. What sets Dropterra apart is its commitment to sustainability; the entire purification process is self-sustained, powered by solar energy, and leaves no negative impact on the environment.

Representation with the symbolism

Central to the brand identity is a symbol inspired by the elegance of lines. This symbol ingeniously forms the shape of a water droplet, seamlessly integrating the concept of water purification. The skilled use of varying line weights within the symbol mirrors the water filtration process, conveying a sense of fluid movement and transformation. The symmetrical composition achieved through different line heights in the symbol beautifully captures the essence, balance, and rhythm of the brand.

With this meticulously crafted brand identity, Dropterra emerges not only as a leader in pioneering water purification technology but also as a beacon of hope for regions in dire need of clean water solutions. Alphamark™'s thoughtful design work ensures that Dropterra's visual representation aligns seamlessly with its mission, values, and impact on a global scale.

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