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Meet Extrica, the Epitome of Scientific Innovation

Andstudio undertook a significant naming and branding project for a prominent company, the largest independent publisher of scientific journals in Northern Eastern Europe. Known for its specialization in engineering science publications and a diverse portfolio encompassing medical, physics, and science journals, the company's reputation soared even higher due to its organization of international conferences, drawing speakers from over 30 countries worldwide.

The primary objective of this ambitious project was to align the company's identity with its core mission: allowing scientists to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their research and its quality, unencumbered by grammar concerns or other trivial constraints during the paper submission process.

Formerly known as JVE Journals, the company underwent a transformative rebranding and emerged as "Extrica." This new name was derived from the word 'extricate,' carrying the profound meaning of freeing someone from difficulty. It beautifully reflected the company's commitment to pioneering scientific solutions and streamlining publication processes, thereby facilitating scientific progress.

Andstudio's ingenious touch was evident in the brand's visual identity. The letter X, intentionally placed at the forefront of the name, played a pivotal role in conveying the essence of Extrica. Symbolizing dynamism and expressiveness, the letter X represents the company's adaptability to cater to various scientific disciplines and research fields. At the same time, the visual approach adopted by Andstudio maintained a minimalistic and brand-less aesthetic, allowing Extrica's content—the core of scientific exploration—to take center stage.

With this comprehensive branding strategy, Andstudio successfully crafted a powerful identity for Extrica, one that exuded innovation, simplicity, and a profound commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

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