Duck Design Studio
Duck Design Studio
Optic Illusion

Shifting Perspectives with EYES

With over two decades of experience, EYES is recognized for its approach focused on People, Strategy, Creativity, and Management, aiming to provide personalized solutions to optimize diverse business outcomes.

The challenge faced by Duck Design Studio was to develop a brand identity that conveyed the specialized and innovative nature of EYES in terms of business solutions. The company aimed to express the concepts of meticulous observation, insightful strategy, vibrant creativity, and the attainment of convergent results through its visual identity. Furthermore, it was essential to establish a deeper connection with both potential and existing clients through this new identity.

Crafting Non-Obvious Solutions

Following analysis and research, the studio presented a sophisticated visual identity, in harmony with EYES' motto: "non-obvious solutions." Inspired by this premise, they created an abstract symbol embodying an eye viewed from distinct perspectives. This icon reflected EYES' ability to observe attentively, focus, and perceive situations from various angles, mirroring the adapted approach the company applies to its clients' endeavors.

This same philosophy was mirrored in the visual elements employed in the identity. Curved forms, with a textured relief, were incorporated to symbolize movement and dynamism, evoking the notion of controlled chaos. In contrast, straight lines were used to convey a sense of metrics and strategic analysis, crucial elements in EYES' approach. Ultimately, the combination of grids with additional symbols symbolized strategic convergence after the tumultuous phase, a visual testament to EYES' capacity to orchestrate integrated and customized solutions.

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