Mercado Paralelo


Creative Director: Felipe B. Amaral // Strategy Director: Natália Porto // Strategy Team: Bianca Groff, Luiza Protas // Design Team: Bianca Groff, Pedro Kaiser, Ricardo Franco // Typography: Fabio Haag Type
Optic Illusion
Mercado Paralelo

Gastronomy and Leisure with a Parallel Perspective

Mercado Paralelo is a space that brings together gastronomy, entertainment, and leisure for the citizens of Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil. “Pararelo” in Portuguese means parallel, in which this case was used as a concept for the brand aesthetics and symbol concept.

The Branding project undertaken by StudioBah for Mercado Paralelo showcases a captivating endeavor that seeks to revolutionize the traditional approach to gastronomy and consumption. Founded on the idea of offering an alternative experience, the branding work delves into the realm of parallelism, unveiling a "new point of view" within the imagination.

A different approach through the parallel

In the visual aspects of the project, a deliberate departure from the conventional is evident. "Parallel lines" take center stage, creating a mesmerizing three-dimensional layout reminiscent of a parallel universe. These lines symbolize the gateway to unexplored territories, inviting patrons to venture into new worlds beyond the confines of their expectations.

The project aspires to provoke a shift in perspective, encouraging viewers to see things from a different angle. By introducing a fresh concept to the city, Mercado Paralelo pays homage to the nostalgic charm of old markets, where diverse options were offered to the community within a single space. This nod to the past adds depth to the project, blending a sense of familiarity with the excitement of the unknown.

The physical manifestation of Mercado Paralelo finds its home in a repurposed open mall within the city. By meticulously applying the branding elements, the space takes on a renewed existence, breathing new life into its surroundings. The various graphic interactions throughout the venue transport visitors to the core of the project's central concept, immersing them in a dynamic experience that transcends the ordinary.

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