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Saint Urbain

Rebranding of Saint Urbain’s Brand

In 2017, the agency Saint Urbain was founded by Alex Stroff, in homage to the street in Montreal where his family’s business ran for 60 years. The new moment and fresh look to their new website and rebrand have a reason to be considered: their connection to a new moment.

The old is new

Saint Urbain wanted something that was equal parts to a classic ad agency and a modern design studio. Opposing forces drove the best ideas, and as an agency, they believed they embodied both sides. Incorporating a personal touch in their teamwork and how they treated their clients, is a somewhat old-fashioned approach not often seen nowadays. However, they also thrived on creating new things and pushing themselves to be innovative.

Behind the symbol

The symbol used by Saint Urbain is designed to be intuitive and representative of their studio name. It cleverly incorporates the initial letter of the studio, creating a visual connection. Alongside the letter, two globes are included in the design, symbolizing the concept of globalism

This thoughtful combination of elements captures the essence of Saint Urbain's vision. The symbol not only represents the studio's identity but also conveys its commitment to a global perspective.

Analog futurism is applied as human touch to their exploration of the future, embracing a unique perspective. Saint Urbain's new brand aimed to bridge the gap between traditional practices and forward-thinking ideas, combining the familiarity of the past with the possibilities of the future.

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