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Transforming SLR Consulting's Brand Identity

SLR Consulting has been a leader in environmental and sustainability consulting for nearly three decades. They have earned a well-deserved reputation for tackling the world's most difficult environmental issues, with a global presence in 125 countries and a dedicated team of over 2,500 professionals. The Coca-Cola Company, Diageo, and even the City of London were among their clients.

In September 2022, the company approached For Sure Studio with an ambitious mission: to revitalize its brand identity and align it with the incredible work they were doing. The brief was simple: create a brand refresh that not only modernized their image but also reflected their exceptional achievements. While the existing logo was untouchable, everything else was up for reimagining, laying the groundwork for a transformative collaboration.

The strategy of "Making Sustainability Happen"

For Sure Studio held workshops and collected feedback through questionnaires from team leaders and key personnel across the organization. The goal was to extract the essence of SLR's mission and vision, and the resounding consensus was a call for modernization. With a new strategic direction in place, "Making Sustainability Happen," For Sure Studio began developing a brand identity that reflected SLR's commitment to innovation and sustainability. 

Visual transformation

For Sure Studio made subtle but significant changes to the logo typography while preserving SLR's hard-earned brand equity. A new symbol was introduced, one that encapsulated the company's three core pillars: nature, innovation, and engineering. These elements also served as visual representations of their three solution offerings.

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