Visual Identity


A Sustainability Mission

With the goal of enabling the majority of Brazilian rooftops to produce their own energy, 77SOL stands out for its dedication to sustainability and innovation. By providing infrastructure in an eco-friendly, economical, and sustainable way, the company democratizes access to solar energy.

The 77SOL team worked with Papanapa to conduct a thorough review of the brand and its entire visual identity system after it had been in operation for four years. The goal of the suggested challenge was to increase the company's market presence and demonstrate its dedication to environmentally friendly, empathetic, and cutting-edge technological innovations.

The Challenge of Reframing Identity

The goal was to keep the brand well-known in both the community and the industry. Although the three solar panels from the previous version served as the foundation for the new symbol, it was redesigned to show more agility and fluidity, enhancing the essence of 77SOL. In addition to the symbol's evolution, the logo underwent a revision that included the use of uppercase letters to strengthen the brand's structure.

The use of new typography, a vibrant color scheme, subtle gradients, and animations, among other design choices, have all helped the visual identity convey a positive and energizing universe and act as a visual representation of 77SOL's dedication to its niche for the entire world.

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