Visual Identity

Santiago Barrera
Santiago Barrera

Moldavi is new jewelry and natural raw stones company located in Arequipa, Peru which it seeks a friendly treatment with nature and its minerals. The client's challenge was to re-position the brand, formerly "J.B Jewelry" with a new visual identity and a new direction to follow.

The client felt that her old brand lacked the values s​​he wanted to convey and the old name was not the personality she wanted to convey. With the old brand it was not possible to feel that passion and essence that the client has for natural elements.
This is where we start the discovery process to understand a little about the local and global competition in order to fit the new brand and personality. In the Naming proposal call, the name Moldavi resonated predominantly among the other options, Moldavi is inspired by the beautiful stone Moldavite in which it is known for its unique mixture of minerals and its very old history of tradition of using it in handmade works, we wanted to give it a more human touch and easy recognition among its customers.

The logo is born from a concept where human and nature goes hand in hand. The idea represented was inspired by the use of silver thread in the process of making Moldavi's jewelry in, which also refers to the roots of nature and the absorption of minerals. Obtaining a very iconic result, this is how Moldavi leaves his mark on every decision.

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