Amaze Honey Co.

Visual Identity

Artefato®, Lucas Nishimura
Amaze Honey Co.

Be amazed with Amaze Honey Co.

The Visual Identity for Amaze Honey Co. was conceived by Artefato, a design studio located in the southern region of Brazil, in partnership with designer Lucas Nishimura. Amaze Honey Co. is recognized as a natural honey producer, valuing raw honey as a sublime result of ecological balance. The simplicity of this product conceals an intricate and complex process, something that Artefato skillfully captured in its visual identity.

Artefato designed the visual identity to convey the essence of Amaze Honey Co. The choice of "hive to jar" honey was strategically emphasized, demonstrating that the consumer acquires a product that remains unchanged from its extraction, staying raw and true to natural equilibrium. Every detail, from extraction to delivery, is carefully illustrated through the brand.

From Bees' Craft to Multifaceted Honey Delights

The expression "Flavors through flowers" comes to life in the visual identity, with the "raw honey" being produced by bees that specialize in pollinating specific flowers, such as bracatinga and cipó-uva. The variation in floral sources is reflected in the diversity of flavors, aromas, colors, and sweetness of the products. The studio visually translated this rich variety, providing a sense of authenticity and uniqueness.

Hive-Centric Symbolism

The chosen symbol, resembling a shield, captures the essence of the hive, the heart of honey production. Simultaneously, it suggests a representation of a moving flower, connecting to the idea of honey flowing within the last petal. This skillful and elegant element evokes a sense of belonging to nature while highlighting the dynamics of the honey production process.

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