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3D Architectural for Jorixent

Jorixent, a 3D Architectural Visualization Studio, set out on a journey to define a brand identity that defied convention. The logo was cleverly crafted from 1/4 ellipses, and it conceals the letters "J" and "R" within its elegant simplicity. This design choice ensures that Jorixent's brand image lingers in the memory of all who encounter it, adding to the studio's unmistakable allure.

Seamless Integration of Name and Symbol

Obrazur Brands took great care in creating a name that complements this iconic symbol. This strategic approach enhances the inherent style of the logo while allowing the name "Jorixent" to stand tall on its own, a distinct and powerful entity in the realm of architectural visualization.

A bold decision was made to embrace a contrasting color palette. This symphony of Red Orange, White, Grey, and Black resonates with distinction, giving the brand an aura of modernity and vibrancy that sets it apart in the architectural visualization landscape.

The typography selection was unmistakable: Neue Montreal. The versatility of this typeface shines through on both printed materials and the website, establishing a unified and visually appealing brand presence. It is the finishing touch that ensures Jorixent's visual identity is a force to be reckoned with in the world of architectural visualization.

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