Shinko 新古

Visual Identity

Geoffrey Mark Taylor
Health Care
Lifestyle Photography: @d_wheeler_, Shop Photography: @duncographic
Shinko 新古

Shinko 新古 is a specialist hair and wellness studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Rooted in the philosophy that self care extends beyond grooming and into presence of mind, Shinko offers barbering services alongside wellness treatments that are designed to clarify the self and awaken the senses.

The visual identity, inspired by the translation of the name Shinko, meaning "new and old" in Japanese, combines elements of tradition and modernity. These dualities are best represented through the historically-inspired letterforms of Emeritus and pairing alongside the contemporary nuances of Monument Grotesk—though smaller nuances such as treating the analogue photography with a bitmap effect and using both the English and Kanji in the logotype similarly help to carry this recurring sentiment through the brand. The marque itself takes inspiration from traditional Japanese family crests and the cyclical nature of the studio's narrative and services.

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